Silver Jewellery After Care

Silver Jewellery After Care

Fine / Sterling Silver

The handmade silver jewellery is made from 99.9% fine silver so is not as hard wearing as sterling silver (92.5% silver, with other metals added to strengthen it). Therefore I always advise to take as much care as possible to minimise the risk of scratches or losing the detail of the print, especially with charms on bracelets, cufflinks and keyrings which will be less protected than necklaces.  If worn every day or against other items, then they will gradually age and be susceptible to scratches.  When not wearing your jewellery, I recommend keeping it protected in the original gift box it was supplied with.



All silver will tarnish naturally over time.  Certain products will speed up the process of tarnishing, such as soap, perfume, moisturiser and even the natural oils on our hands.  All of my handmade fine silver keepsakes are supplied with a free polishing cloth which I recommend you use regularly to prevent any build up of tarnish.  Just keep your thumb over the actual print detail to keep that safe and the charms will come up as shiny as new.  I also advise not to wear your jewellery while cleaning, showering, swimming or exercising – keep it dry as silver can react with chemicals and discolour with chlorine.  Silver will tarnish quicker in humid environments.


Engraved Keepsakes

These items are surface engraved, therefore if worn regularly they will also be susceptible to scratches causing fine details to become less visible over time.   Use a soft clean cloth on these items – no chemicals or polish, not even silver polishing cloths.


Leather Products

While the leather products are high-quality and hard-wearing, leather is also a natural product so will age over time.  Avoid getting these items wet wherever possible, but if they do, then blot away the liquid and allow them to dry naturally, avoiding excess heat.  The products containing magnetic clasps may also rust if exposed to moisture.