Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is postage & packaging?

£4.95 – This includes postage of the print kit, a stamped addressed envelope to return your prints to me and delivery of your finished keepsakes.  Raised impressions and 3D castings are only available by in-person appointments so no postage is applicable – home visits to take the casts and local delivery of the finished pieces (anywhere inbetween Sandwich, Folkestone and Canterbury) is included in the prices.


How long will it take to receive my keepsakes?

Once I have received your prints back, please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your keepsakes.  Raised impressions and 3D castings can take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Please note, the latest order date for delivery in time for Christmas is Friday 2nd December.


Is the jewellery real silver?  How is it made?

Yes, the fingerprint and handprint jewellery is 99.9% Fine Silver.  As a comparison, Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver.  Click here to read more about this form of silver and the production process.


Is it hall-marked?

The fine silver charms I make are under 7.78g in weight, meaning they do not legally need to be hall-marked.  However, I can still add a 999 hall-mark if requested to show the item is 99.9% fine silver.  Alternatively items can be officially hall-marked for an extra cost.


Do the charms come with a necklace?

When purchasing, you have the option to choose charms only (i.e. to add to your own existing necklace or bracelet) or to include a sterling silver chain.  The chains are available in a various lengths and styles which can be confirmed when you return the order form with your prints.


Where are you based?

I am based in Dover, Kent – the very south-east corner of the UK.


Can you take the prints for us?

If you are local (anywhere inbetween Sandwich, Folkestone and Canterbury) I am happy to come and take fingerprints, hand or footprints in person for the Silver Jewellery range of keepsakes.  For raised impressions and 3D castings, home visits are essential and included in the price.


Can I order by post?

For customers further away, the kits to take fingerprints, hand or footprints can be posted anywhere in the country or even overseas.  They come with full instructions but are easy to use.  Unfortunately raised impressions and 3D castings are only available by local home visits to take the casts, not by post.  Please do contact me if you are further away but interested in impressions or castings – if it is too far for us to meet then I may be able to recommend someone else closer to your area.


How do you take the prints / casts – is it difficult or messy?

The print kits are relatively easy to use and not messy at all.  Fingerprints are taken using small balls of moulding putty and hand or footprints are taken with inkless wipes and specially coated paper.  A little more is involved for raised impressions and even more for the 3D castings but for the home visits for these, I bring everything I need with me and promise never to leave any mess!  Click here to read more about taking the prints and casts for each range of keepsakes.


Can I have a date of birth on the back of my charm?

Yes of course – names or dates of birth can be added to the back of most silver charms for an extra £5.  Just let me know you would like to add this option either when ordering or when returning your prints.


Is there a minimum / maximum age for taking prints / casts?

Whether it is fingerprints, hand or footprints, they can all be taken at any age.  However, newborn babies can take a few months to develop a well defined fingerprint.  While they can still be taken and will still show their own unique impression, the fingerprint detail will not be as clear to see as it will be with older children.  Therefore, I wouldn’t usually recommend fingerprint keepsakes until they are at least 1 year old, but would recommend hand or footprint jewellery instead – or the range of raised impressions or 3D castings are perfect to capture just how small newborn hands and feet are!


How do I look after my jewellery?  Is it suitable for everyday wear?

The handmade silver jewellery is made from 99.9% fine silver so is not as hard wearing as sterling silver (92.5% silver, with other metals added to strengthen it). Therefore I always advise to take as much care as possible to minimise the risk of scratches or losing the detail of the print, especially with charms on bracelets, cufflinks and keyrings which will be less protected than necklaces.  Click here for more details on our Silver Jewellery After Care guide.